Book Search Service.
For German, English and French Titles.
Looking for a specific title and are told by your local bookshop: 'Doesn't exist' or 'is out of print' ? And are you not so familiar with web research or simply have no time?
Try Brambles!
Brambles is hooked on books! And not only am I a trained book trader, I also have at my disposal the three main criteria it takes to be  - at least in my opinion - a successful book finder: The ability to do research thinking outside the box, curiosity and persistance. My motto: Doesn't exist mostly doesn't exist. Where others surrend, Brambles has only just got started!
This is how it works:
  1. Send me your book enquiry via e-mail to brambles@bluewin.ch or use the contact form you will find by clicking on 'Contact Details' in the column to the left.
  2. Brambles will run your book through the search engines as quickly as possible and e-mail you an offer that includes price, postage and estimated delivery time.
  3. You give your written ok by replying to the e-mail and
  4. you pay the total into the account stated in your offer.
  5. As soon as Brambles has received your payment and obtained your book, it will be forwarded to you.
So don't hesitate, Brambles loves to track down and retrieve your book!